Windows 7 Build 6.1.6519

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Some of the latest Windows 7 Milestone 1 screenshots.


Why Windows 7 News Is Slow?

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People may be wondering why Microsoft isn’t letting much go about Windows Seven, we haven’t seen much in the press and what we have seen is what we all ready know.

Why they are being so secretive is simple, think about it Vista is not even 2 years old yet. If they start bigging up Windows 7 then many people still running Windows XP will bide there time and wait for the amazing new operating system coming out in the future.

Its all about sales tactics, Announcing Windows 7’s great new features would quite simply kill Vista, Many would argue that Vista is all ready dead but it would be putting the nail in the coffin if they were advertising the new OS.

Windows 7 to have support for Virtual Hard Disks

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Windows super-sleuth Long Zheng keeps his eye on the Microsoft jobs listings and discovers some information about a potential new feature for the thus far super-secretive Windows 7 OS – native support for Virtual Hard Disks (VHDs):

Do you want to join the team that is bringing virtualization into the mainstream? In Windows 7, our team will be responsible for creating, mounting, performing I/O on, and dismounting VHDs (virtual hard disks) natively. Imagine being able to mount a VHD on any Windows machine, do some offline servicing and then boot from that same VHD. Or perhaps, taking an existing VHD you currently use within Virtual Server and boost performance by booting natively from it.

And so it goes on …

If this feature actually survives to RTM (and let’s face it, that’s a very big if … history is littered with great ideas that never saw light of day) then this will be a really neat feature. In fact, I can think of a good dozen situations where this feature would be dead handy right now.

Anyone want to take bets on whether this feature actually makes it to RTM?


First Official Windows 7 Video

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Its all about the touch baby! check out this Video showing off the touch capability’s of Windows 7, shame there’s no footage of the OS itself but its still early days.

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